F13th Star Danielle Panabaker Talks 'The Ward' With FearNet

Actress Danielle Panabaker has been extremely busy the last few years since her horror film debut in Friday the 13th 2009. Since that time she has gone on to star in the remake of The Crazies, finished shooting Piranha 3DD, and is now ready to see her collaboration with genre veteran John Carpenter scare audiences with the release of The Ward.

FearNet recently caught up with Danielle and asked her about her time filming with the iconic film legend and her place in Horror as a new scream queen:

FearNet: You are part of a new class of scream queens. Was that by design? Do you enjoy horror films?

Danielle: No, not at all! Up until a couple years ago, I don't think I had seen any horror films. It wasn't until recently that I began to appreciate them. I think it is the business we are in. Horror movies are really successful, and they usually aren't very expensive to make, so they are very popular. I know I have done a handful of horror films in a row, but it wasn't intentional. I am grateful for the work.

To read the entire interview, visit FearNet to find out all of the details of Danielle's journey to The Ward!