Jason Lives Reunion At HorrorHound!

With the July 4th weekend looming, we unfortunately missed this big news from this past weekend, but we have some pretty exciting information for those fans who are love Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part 6. Horrorhound Weekend has booked an impressive Jason Lives reunion for their November show in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The only real disappointment of the Return To Camp Crystal Lake event was the fact that no actors or crew were in attendance to represent Jason Lives. Now, HorrorHound is on a mission to help fans get their fix for the film as their show so far has booked 5 members of the cast and crew. The most notable attendee for the November event is writer and director Tom McLoughlin!

Tom's contribution to television and film is extensive, so it will be a real treat for fans to talk to him about his career. Also attending the event is his wife Nancy, who played camp counselor Lizabeth in Jason Lives. Joining the couple at the event for the reunion is David Kagen (Sheriff Garris), Tom Mathews (Tommy Jarvis) and C.J. Graham (Jason Voorhees).

Horrorhound Weekend
November 11-13  Cincinnati Ohio