New Book To Feature Friday The 13th Filming Locations

Friday The 13th week is upon us and while many franchise projects are being released this week (Franchise Blu-Ray box set, Crystal Lake Memories Documentary, On Location In Blairstown book), we are reporting on a new book project that is just starting to take shape.

Steven Barnhill is a photographer and writer and has decided to create a book that will focus on the filming locations of the original eight Friday The 13th films distributed by Paramount Pictures. The book will feature photos and interviews with cast members talking about filming at each location. Make sure to visit the Facebook Page for the book, titled Goin' To Camp Blood, Ain'tcha? for more information and check out the first on-location behind the scenes photo that will be featured in the book below.

Goin' To Camp Blood, Ain'tcha?", the first all-encompassing, visual documentation to break down and study in-depth the various locations utilized as the fictional backdrop of Crystal Lake throughout the original eight, Paramount distributed installments of the "Friday The 13th" franchise.

Corey Parker and Anthony Barrile, on location in Camarillo/Thousand Oaks, CA, enjoying some downtime during the production of Friday The 13th: A New Beginning.

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