GoreZone Savini FX Lab To Explore Kevin Bacon Death

Gorezone Magazine is being resurrected by Fangoria and the newest issue, #28, is ready to ship to subscribers. What's in the magazine for Friday The fans? How about Tom Savini and his Makeup F/X Lab! Of course, not every issue of the magazine will feature something g Tom did on a Friday the 13th movie, but in the case of the newest issue, we get full on Bacon. Kevin Bacon that is

Savini's column this month looks to focus on creating the death of Jack (Kevin Bacon) in Friday The 13th (1980). Now, our readers have seen a number of images of Kevin's infamous death in the film, but it looks as though we will get a much more in-depth look at the death scene this go around. Could  it be possible we get a few new behind the scenes images? We'll have to wait and find out.

The new Gorezone Magazine will NOT be available in stores o. News stands, so you will have to subscribe online to have the mags delivered. Make sure to visit http://www.fangoria.com.

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