The Latest Facts Of The Friday The 13th Sequel

Friday the 13th fans are indeed loyal to a fault with their franchise. Amid the much anticipated releases this week of the Franchise Blu-Ray box set by Warner Bros., the Crystal Lake Memories Documentary, and the On Location In Blairstown book by Author David Grove, some pretty big buzz has been swirling around if Paramount Pictures will make an official announcement about the new Friday The 13th film. Our website has not heard anything about this actually happening, but it would not be a surprise if an announcement was made on Friday.

Below are some of the most common questions asked on our website, including our Forum as well as around the World Wide Web.

1. Has the project been greenlit?
2. What is the release date going to be?
3. Is Platinum Dunes back to produce a new movie?
4. Are they using the sequel script created by Shannon and Swift from 2010?
5. Will Derek Mears return as Jason?
6. Will they bring back Harry Manfredini to score the movie?

There is a lot unknown at this time, but we can answer some of the question fans have below:

1. At this time, Paramount has not officially announced a sequel yet.
2. Without an official announcement, a set release date has not been given. There will likely be a late 2014, early 2015 release, however.
3. Yes, Producer Brad Fuller mentioned on his Twitter account that Platinum Dunes is back to produce the film.
4. Unknown at this time, but since Platinum Dunes is back, Shannon and Swift's script would be in play for at least consideration.
5. Nothing has been confirmed, but in an article we wrote a few weeks ago, Derek mentioned "had dinner with Platinum Dunes and they said: “If we do any more, we want you back”".
6. We have no news on this as this time.

Most of these answers are nothing new to our daily readers, but these are the current answers to the most common questions that are out there about the sequel at this time. We will more than likely give more frequent updates on the status of the sequel in the next few months. For the time being, gear up for a big year of announcements pertaining to the Friday The 13th film franchise! Big things are coming soon.
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