Creations Unearthed Offer Missing Friday The 13th Figures In 1/6 Scale

As many Friday The 13th fans wait to receive officially licensed versions of Jason Voorhees from Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan and Roy Burns from Friday The 13th: A New Beginning, there are some super talented artists and fans in the community that have taken it upon themselves to create these missing items to complete there Friday The 13th killer collection. One option to take while waiting for officially licensed merchandise is to take a look at custom figure company Creations Unearthed.

They currently offer both of the aforementioned figures in 1/6th scale and look like they could be nice additions to collector's line of killers from the franchise. Check out some of the images and read the descriptions below. For ordering information and for more figures and images, please visit!

The ultimate Roy! for the first time featuring a REAL latex hood! extending to his chest just like the movie. The neck retains the articulation with the hood on. Real hair hanging above his glossy eyes. The hock straps are adjustable like the film version. The coveralls are detailed with cuts on the main areas before he met his fate. Four weapons grace this figure; a machete, double-head axe, meat cleaver & garden shears which fully open and close like the real thing. A custom base depicting a muddy/grassy terrain is included.

'Big Apple'
The ultimate killing machine in 1:6 scale, Jason features a extremely detailed head sculpt & sculpted body sections with a "wet" look applied. He wears navy blue pants and shirt cut/weathered to it's breaking point! Wielding a fireman axe with removable head and wood handle. For the first time he includes the pink guitar used to bash his victim's head. The iconic hockey mask is wide! very different than the earlier films, painted to movie specs and features the advanced buckle system that really adjusts! Lastly, a NYC manhole stand weathered with toxic waste is included too