Character Bio: Annie Phillips (Friday the 13th 1980)

Occasionally, we will be diving into the backgrounds of certain characters that graced the screen in various Friday the 13th films. The thought is that it would be interesting to see what motivating factors brought certain characters to Crystal Lake and perhaps make their intentions a bit more clear within the context of their film.

Today's character is Annie Phillips, the would-be cook in Friday The 13th 1980. Unfortunately, Annie never made it to camp at all as she encountered the demented Mrs. Voorhees while hitchhiking to camp. During the film, while riding in Pamela Voorhees' jeep, Annie gives the audience a certain understanding of why she is going to camp to cook. There is, however, more depth to the character of Annie that is not explored on film.

Below is an excerpt from Simon Hawkes' 1987 book, Friday the 13th, which is based on the original script for the film. This short description expands a bit more on Annie's desire to be a cook at camp...

From the book
Annie Phillips, on the other hand, felt trapped by the big city. She needed to get away every chance she got, which was mostly during summer vacations, when she took jobs as a cook at various camps. It paid a little more than just being a counselor and good cooks were always in demand. It gave her a chance to get out into the country and breathe fresh air for a few weeks. She lived for it.

She dreamed of leaving the city forever and moving to a log cabin or an A-frame house in the country, perhaps starting a small crafts business or getting a job as a cook in a resort hotel.