More Stars Emerge For Friday The 13th Documentary

It has been a few months since Panic Productions has released new photos of the Friday The 13th alumni that are being interviewed for the Crystal Lake Memories documentary, so we have been giving smaller updates on the show until more current news was published. Now, fans have received a nice little update with two people that have had a bit of controversy over the years.

John Hock (Jason Voorhees and Roy Burns Double, Friday The 13th: A New Beginning) has joined the show and has a unique connection to the franchise. John went uncredited for A New Beginning, but a few years ago we wrote an article outlining certain scenes that he doubled both psycho characters and is worth a read. This writer met John a few years ago and he is really nice guy with an extensive list of credits in Hollywood spanning over 3 decades.

Jennifer Banco (Young Tina, Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood) has also joined the show and until very recently (9 hours ago), we were under the impression that she had unfortunately passed away. Thankfully, we were all wrong and she is alive and well and talking about her experiences on The New Blood!