Friday The 13th Part 3 Screening With Jason Himself

Last week we wrote a story about Jason Voorhees actor Richard Brooker (Friday The 13th Part 3) being lined up to attend Misty Moon's new, upcoming event that has yet to set a date. Fans love Richard, and our story got fans pretty excited about the prospects of meeting him. However, the event will take place in U.K., so it will limit certain fans from being able to attend. With that being said, we just learned that people who do attend the forthcoming event, will be treated to more than just meeting Jason Voorhees.

Misty Moon will also be showing Friday The 13th Part 3 as part of the experience! There is no word on the date of the event, as of yet, so stay tuned and we will bring you more information as it becomes available!

About Misty Moon
In 2010, Misty Moon became involved with the Tank Gallery and the Ladywell Tavern in Lewisham, where we have held critically acclaimed themed exhibitions featuring local artists from Beckenham, Forest Hill, Brockley and South East London, as well as International Artists from Turkey, Poland and America.

We have also been proud to be the first to exhibit work by American artist and actress, Adrienne King star of the original Friday the 13th and Friday the 13th Part 2.