An In-Depth Look At The Life Of Friday The 13th: A New Beginning Director Danny Steinmann

It was indeed sad news when we learned of Danny Steinmann's death in the middle of last month. Although his filmography was small, the few films he directed touched a great number of people which as led to a cult following for his films. The two most notable films that continue to gain praise are Savage Streets and of course Friday The 13th: A New Beginning.

Up until 2005, little was known about Danny, and as such, a cloud of mystery had surrounded not only his life, but his involvement in the fifth film in the Friday The 13th film franchise. With the release of Peter Bracke's book, Crystal Lake Memories, in 2005 an idea could be formulated about not only Danny's life, but also the production of A New Beginning. As years passed after the release of the book, fans now had an idea about Mr. Steinmann, but there were still rumors and questions that many people felt needed to be answered. With the new updated edition of Crystal Lake Memories released as an eBook in 2012, Danny was again interviewed with new revelations of his life as well as his film that is part of the Friday The 13th universe. But to really get to know the man, a more personal approach would inevitably need to be taken.

So it was back in March 2009, that Jeff Cramer conducted a lengthy interview with Danny about his life which included his personal accomplishments and tragedy that filled a lifetime of experiences into a relatively short amount of time. Jeff broke up his interview into seven chapters and posted them at his Stone Cold Crazy blog, and just recently finished the eighth chapter, an Afterword, after he learned of Danny's passing. So please read this amazing and in-depth interview with an often misunderstood man that left a lasting legacy within the Friday The 13th community and film fans abroad.


Chapter I: The Early Years (Acting-TV Commericals)

Chapter II: High Rise

Chapter III: Working with Gene Roddenberry

Chapter IV: The Unseen

Chapter V: Savage Streets

Chapter VI: Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning

Chapter VII: After Friday V

Chapter VIII: An Afterword (after Danny's death)

Source: Stone Cold Crazy