Friday The 13th: A New Beginning Director Danny Steinmann Passes Away

We have been hearing a lot about Director Danny Steinmann possibly passing away since yesterday, and we have been trying to somehow confirm that this news as true. Tonight, it looks as though the sad news is indeed true as various producers and some actors with access to information of the Director's passing have been posting in Forums and on Facebook that Danny has left us.

This writer has also been conferring with a few people via email and here is what we know.

- Bill Olsen from Code Red mentioned approximately three days ago in the Latarnia Forums that a Producer told him Danny Steinmann passed away last week. He could not confirm the news.

- Melanie Kinnaman, who played Pam Roberts in Danny's film Friday The 13th: A New Beginning, mentioned on her Facebook account that she was saddened to hear of Danny's passing. She did not confirm his death however.

- We reached out to various people and some of the people behind the Crystal Lake Memories book and documentary also heard he had passed, but could not confirm his passing as well.

So, we do not have an obituary listing or any other news to officially confirm Danny Steinmann's passing, but it sure does look like he has left our Earth. It has been an interesting love/hate affair for Danny and the Friday The 13th fans. Of course, it is not a personal hatred against Danny by the fans, but more of a disappointment for his Friday The 13th as it did not deliver what most people were looking for in the franchise back in 1985. In the decades since the film's theatrical release, more and more fans of Horror and the film franchise have grown to appreciate A New Beginning for the gritty and exploitation feel the film emits towards audiences.

This writer met Danny last Summer and  he was very nice man, willing to discuss all of his films and was very humbled that people appreciated his films so many years later. Danny is the second Director from the Friday the 13th franchise to lose his life as Jim Isaac from Jason X passed away this past May. If we find out more about Danny's sad passing, we will let everyone know.