R.I.P. Jim Isaac. Jason X Director Loses Battle With Cancer

This is a very sad day as we have learned that Jim Isaac, Director of Jason X, The Horror Show and Skinwalkers has lost his battle with cancer. Writer Todd Farmer mentioned his passing late last night on his Twitter and Facebook accounts. It had been reported last November that Jim was ill and battling cancer, but the talented Director and special effects maven was said to be in high spirits and fighting hard to withstand the illness. Sadly, he could not hold off the cancer and this writer is very sad to learn of his passing.

There have been a number of cast and crew that have passed away that have been apart of the 32 year old Friday The 13th film franchise, yet Jim is the first Director from the franchise to lose his life. He will always be remembered for his great work in the Horror genre, working closely with David Cronenberg, and his tireless work in bringing Jason into Space for a fun and different take on Jason Voorhees within the film series. Our condolences go out to Jim's family.

For all of our visitors to the website, to pay the man respect, please take out that Jason X VHS or DVD and give it a spin today at some point to remember the work of a great man that added to the Jason Voorhees and Friday The 13th legacy!

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