Friday The 13th 1980 3 Inch Action Figure Assortment!

Every Friday The 13th fan enjoys collecting figures and memorabilia that represent the films in the franchise, but usually collectors are only treated to different incarnations of Jason Voorhees while the victims he encounters are generally ignored. Eaglemoss Publications did release a very limited figure of Marcie from Friday The 13th 1980 back in 2007, but outside of that, the only other official character to be released as a figure other than Jason from the franchise is Mrs. Voorhees.

Because of this, very creative fans have been forced to create their own figures of the various characters from the Friday The 13th films and sometimes we stumble across some great creations. Currently, there is an eBay auction listed for a wide range of characters, mostly from Friday The 13th 1980, in 3 and 3/4 inch form, that should have die hard fans salivating. The retro look and feel of the character figures and the cards they are packaged in are fun to observe.

Check out the figures below, and see for yourself if the figures match up well with the likeness of the characters in the films. Even if they don't match perfectly, that's kind of the allure of these figures!