Previoulsy Unreleased Publicity Still Shows Jason In New York

Throughout the years since Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan was released in theaters, there have been many points of discussion as to why the movie failed to live up to initial expectations. Those debates can be left for the message forums, but one point of contention is that of Jason not using a traditional machete at all in the entire film. Seeing as that killing instrument is as synonymous as the hockey mask with Friday The 13th, fans were baffled about the exclusion of such an iconic part of the film franchise.

There are those quick witted fans that will point out that Jason handled a machete during the infamous trailer for the film, where Jason turns around to scare an unsuspecting woman, but the fact remains that Jason never used his traditional machete on film. In regards to the trailer, Kane Hodder has pointed out that he was not even in costume for the production of the trailer as Paramount used another actor for the role. So, it was with great surprise that not only was a picture taken of Jason with a machete on set of the film production, but it was Kane himself in costume!

According to the new Crystal Lake Memories eBook, the image below is an unreleased publicity still taken in New York in-between takes on set during production of Jason Takes Manhattan. We're not sure why it was never used, but it looks awesome and should have been included in a Press Kit at some point!