Rare Friday The 13th Part 7 French Lobby Card Set

Lobby cards were a great way to help promote films in movie theater lobbies across the world as the cards offered unique images and information about certain scenes in upcoming films for fans to learn about. The lobby cards were widely distributed in U.S. theaters up until the mid 1980's after which only international territories produced lobby cards sets. For film franchises such as Friday The 13th, it is a very rare treat to witness any of the lobby cards sets created for films created after Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter. We have featured a few of these international sets before, but nothing like this!

Below is the full twelve count French lobby card set for Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood! This set is beautiful as it showcases many alternate angles of famous scenes from the movie as well as an image of the originally conceived ending with a decaying father of Tina. Most fans know this ending was changed to show an unscathed Mr. Shepard in a ghost like appearance. Enjoy the photos below and please leave your thoughts and comments below!