Friday The 13th 2009 Script Sides Reveal Lost Scenes

Every film has scenes that are removed or edited down for either censorship reasons or to reduce runtime of a the feature. Some of the scenes that are removed might have added something more to the film that would have either had plot points make more sense or just have enabled more excitement and left fans a bit more pleased with the overall film. Well, Friday The 13th fans know all to well that pretty much every film in the franchise has felt the wrath of the editing room and Friday The 13th 2009 is no different. Today we learned of a few scenes that were eliminated from Damian Shannon & Mark Swift’s Friday The 13th 2009 screenplay.

We have been tipped off to a few pages from the script that were taken from the auditioning process, which are called “sides”. Basically, these "sides" contain various character scenes taken directly from the script which detail performances for actor auditions.

While reading these small excerpts it was discovered that our favorite shoe beer drinking friend Chewie, who is good with tools and wood, was originally named Chumbler! Which name do you prefer for the character, Chewie or Chumbler?

One omitted scene from the film is a bathroom sequence at the gas station between Bree and Chelsea. This would have been interesting to see as neither of these characters really get much screen time or development except for their naked romps in and around Crystal Lake. For some fans, that's all they needed!

Another interesting scene that was never used in the film is that of Jenna and Clay with a near encounter with Jason Voorhees himself, but this time Jason has a few bullet wounds! Jason was shot? When? And how does it fit into the end of the film? We're not sure, but perhaps we can find out more soon.

We do not have the script excerpts at this time to display, but these are some neat little facts from the film that some fans may be interested in seeing some day.
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