The Future Of Jason Voorhees At NECA

NECA is releasing the second figure as part of the Series 2 of their new Jason Voorhees 7 inch figure line this month and that has left collectors and fans of the films wondering what will be next up the sleeves of the creative minds of the toy company. Some fans are hoping that they might get the chance to finally own an officially licensed  Roy figure from Friday The 13th: A New Beginning or Jason Voorhees from Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan. A few years ago a fan named Nate Ragon asked NECA via Twitter about that possibility.

Jason X By McFarlane Toys

We have never posted about this conversation here on this website in the past as we were waiting to see what NECA would release. Now that we have brand new Part 3 and The Final Chapter figures, we thought the following conversation would be interesting to revisit in hindsight and offer a a possible glimpse into the future.

F13th Fan: To date no company has made a Friday the 13th: A New Beginning “Imposter Jason” figure. Does NECA have any plans of ever doing so?

NECA: no immediate plans for such a figure. That’s probably the least popular movie & version of Jason amongst fans no?

F13th Fan: It is unpopular, but gaining fans. We just noticed a lot of Friday fans on boards asking why no one has ever made one.

NECA:  we’ve looked at it, Roy Jason right? Myers style jumpsuit w/ hockey mask. Nothing cool or unique about him prob why its never hpnd

F13th Fian: Yeah that's the one. A big selling point would be people want it to complete their collection. A fig from each movie

NECA:  question is how many of those people are there & so far seems like not enough. Even F13th diehards hate that movie & version

F13th Fan: Actually, don’t think there's been a Jason takes Manhattan figure either. Of course thats a very unpopular film too.

NECA:  you’re right on both accounts. If we do a new Jason I’d like to do pre & post Uber from Jason X maybe. Both could be cool as figs

The prospect of getting these long in-demand figures looks pretty bleak still to this day, but the newest Jason figures that were just released were very well made and looked great, which bodes well for future releases. At least both versions of Jason from Jason X are in the thoughts. Would you buy Jason X figures in a Series 3 release?