Harry Manfredini Signing For Friday The 13th 1980 Soundtrack

A few weeks ago, we brought our readers news that La La Land Records was going to be releasing a stand alone soundtrack for Friday The 13th 1980. This was great news for fans who missed out on the box set released in January and the original film's score went on sale this past Tuesday, September 11th. Fans have been buying up their copies the last few days and probably wouldn't mind adding a little something extra to their CD. How about getting legendary composer Harry Manfredini to sign your copy!

Dark Delicacies in Burbank, California will be hosting a soundtrack signing with Harry at 2PM on Saturday September 16th. If you live in the area and want to meet the man that created the sound of fear for Friday The 13th fans, then here is your chance to say hell and get his signature. Check out the website for Dark Delicacies for more information.

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