The Props Museum: Jason Lives Full Production Used Hockey Mask

Our website truly enjoys writing about props used in the Friday The 13th films and can appreciate their significance among the history of the franchise and motion pictures as well. Throughout the years, we have brought our readers stories on numerous props, so this writer was more than excited to receive images and information on this next prop. Mario Kirner from the Friday The 13th Props Museum was nice enough to share an image and information of one of the twelve hockey masks used during the production of Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6. The mask, pictured below, is explained by Mario to be used during all different phases of filming for Jason Lives.

Read on to find out about the features of hock, it's place among the other masks created for production and the placement of that motor blade damage that was incorrectly duplicated for all subsequent films. Big thank you to Mario for supplying these contents for our website!

From Mario Kirner
There were 12 masks made at the first run during the pre-production. Another one was made post production when they filmed the "James Bond" eye scene. At that time there was no "good" mask available from the first run for different reason to be used in that re-shoot. Some were damaged during shooting, others gone their way off the set. The post-mask is still owned by C.J Graham. Basically there are two style hockey masks seen in this film, the intact masks and the ones with bullet holes. They made 4 of the bullet ones for which I own 3 of them. The fourth was sold by a collector friend years ago for a price outside of my possible given limit. All in all there are not many of the masks known out of the 13 made. I think I can barely count 6 in private and semi-private hands which I already own half of the bunch. Some of the masks had more of screen time when others may have non to little since some were rigged for FX purpose or stunt work. 

The one I`m sending you is very special since it was used during all sections of filming work. It was used for close up shots as well as underwater stunt and FX work. And the best, it is also the mask that was put on the FX puppet that gets hit by the propeller. Each mask has unique details, paint work and markings. This way your can easily tell the exact scenes and shots it was used in. Notable is the fact that they for some reason mirror flipped the image to let it look like Jason was hit on the left side when he actually was "damaged" on his right face side. Check out the scene in slow motion.. you can see the axe cut mirror reversed. So actually all following masks from the films to come after part 6 were wrongly made. They have the damage on their left face side. This mask is in a decent, screen used condition with damages and scratches coming from the filming and overall looks amazing in person. The blood markings you see on screen are still visible in a very light way. Addition, now dried, blood markings were added on places, probably during FX shots.

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