Friday The 13th Crossovers: Return Of The Living Dead

Our latest installment in our Friday The 13th Crossover series, for which we highlight Horror films that include actors that have appeared in Friday the 13th films, we feature quite possbily the greatest zombie movie ever made outside of the original Night of The Living Dead. That film is Return of the Living Dead (1985). Three Friday the 13th veterans appear in this film and each actor gives memorable performances that match or better their role in each of their respective Friday the 13th roles.

Friday the 13th alumni that appear in Return of the Living Dead include the late Mark Venturini (Vic, Friday The 13th: A New Beginning), Miguel A. Núñez Jr. (Demon, Friday The 13th: A New Beginning), and Tom Mathews (Tommy Jarvis, Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6). Mark Venturini steals the show in many scenes that he is in for the zombie pic, and it is quite amazing that both he and Miguel would both appear in the same Friday The 13th film in the same year, yet share no scenes together.

Thom Mathews plays his part of Freddy well, with a good hint sarcasm and great comedic chemistry with James Karen (Pictured below with Thom). Miguel Nunez plays, well, what he played in the 80's and fits pretty much a long with his character in A New Beginning. Watching Return Of The Living Dead is the most fun you have during a Horror movie, but include these Friday The13th alumni and it can be appreciated even more.

Thom Mathews (Tommy Jarvis, Jason Lives | Left)

Miguel Nunez Jr. (Demon, A New Beginning | Left) and Mark Venturini (Vic, A New Beginning  | Center)

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