Officer Dorf And Ginny Get Blood On The Bleach

One of the characters that has a huge cult following from the Friday The 13th films is that of Officer Dorf, who is portrayed by Ron Milkie. Over the years, Ron has been very gracious to appear on web radio shows and attend several conventions to talk about this role in the original 1980 slasher film and other projects. Likewise, many fan's favorite Final Girl, Ginny Field (played by Amy Steel) really enjoys attending the genre shows to connect with the fans that have followed the franchise for over 30 years. Now both actors have been added to a huge and continually growing show.

Blood At The Beach 2 has added both Ron and Amy to their show which takes place in Virginia Beach November 9-11, 2012 and also includes Jason Voorhees himself Kane Hodder as well as Russell Todd (Scott, Friday The 13th Part 2). For more information for the convention, make sure to visit their website,