Warrinton Gillette To Hold Friday The 13th Part 2 Q&A At Film Fest

We sometimes get news a little later than we would like to, but that's what happens with the Friday The 13th film franchise as there are so many films and actors, it can be hard to get everything through our channels when it's first announced. With that being said, here is an interesting piece of news to pass along to the fans. Frank N' Con film festival is taking place the weekend of September 28th-30th and will be featuring a number of genre films for attendees to view along with special guests. Friday The 13th Part 2 is among those films.

Warrington Gillette (Unmasked Jason Voorhees, Friday The 13th Part 2) will be on hand to offer a Q&A session for the film when it screens for the audience. This session shall be interesting as Warrington was not part of the production for very long and is absent in the majority of the scenes in the film. Regardless, seeing Part 2 on the big screen should be fun and having a chance to hear stories from the production will be entertaining. To find out more, please read below and make sure to check out Frank N' Con's Facebook Page as well as their Website (Update: the website is having some layout problems at this time)

Frank N Con Film Fest will Take place September 28-30th 2012 At the Wyndham El Paso Airport Hotel. Featuring classic and newer Horror and Sci Fi Films with guest and vendors throughout 3 day.

Guest include: 

John Franklin
Courtney Gains
Bob Elmore
Warrington Gillette
Ken Sagoes
Jennifer Rubin
Ira Heiden
Billy Blair
Greg Ingram

Movies include:

Mars Attacks!
Nightmare on Elm Street 3 with Q & A with Ken sagoes Jennifer Rubin Ira Heiden and Penelope Sudrow
Friday the 13th part 2 with Q&A with Warrington Gillette( Unmasked Jason Voorhees)
Teaxs Chainsaw Massacre 2 with Q & A Bob Elmore (Leatherface)
Motel Hell
House of the Devil
The Corridor
Planet of the Vampires
Masters of the universe
Batman Returns
Alien Tresspass