Release Date Change, More Info On Friday The 13th Book 'On Location In Blairstown'

Our website has been covering David Grove's new Friday The 13th (1980) book On Location In Blairstown: The Making Of Friday The 13th since its very first announcement back in December 2010 with much anticipation. Over the last few years we have been bringing fans updates on the contents of the book, the new cover for the publication as well as the tentative book release date. Author David Grove has been very gracious about providing us updates on the status of the book and fans have been appreciative. Fangoria Magazine recently caught up with Author/Publisher Michael Aloisi of AuthorMike Ink (who also wrote Kane Hodder's book Unmasked) and discussed David Grove's new Friday The 13th book.

Among things discussed with Fangoria, Michael lays out more of what fans can expect in the new book as well as an apparent release date shift from the proposed October 2012 date our website was told previously. Read on below for the discussion and check back here often for more information as it becomes available.

From Fangoria
He (David Grove) interviewed something like 200 people, literally every single person who was on the set, right down to the guy who was cooking and handing out the food and the people working at the hotels. I think the only one we didn’t get so far is Kevin Bacon, and we’re still trying to get him for a last-minute quote. So it’s incredibly detailed, and very involved.”

While Peter Bracke’s CRYSTAL LAKE MEMORIES covered the making of the FRIDAY franchise in great detail, Aloisi promises that ON LOCATION IN BLAIRSTOWN will contain “so much more” about the one that started it all. “It’s all about the day-to-day life on the shoot, who did what, different events that happened—everything from Tom Savini getting into fights with his girlfriend at the time and leaving the set to Sean Cunningham arguing with this person or that person. There are one or two stories we’re holding back on for now, because the people involved found out, and we‘re working with them to get releases and say, ‘This is true, it’s in there, is it OK?’ We don’t want to ruffle any feathers, but there’s plenty of great stuff in there that fans will be interested in.”

All those tales will be accompanied by never-before-seen photos from various sources, one in particular. “There are several that Savini gave to me that are really cool,” Aloisi says. “It’s funny, because he and I were just going through stacks of these pictures at his house, and he was like, ‘Oh, look at this!’ and throwing pictures at me that no one has ever seen—personal photos he took on set, like Kevin Bacon on the bed laughing, and I was like, ‘These pictures are amazing!’ I believe there will also be original script pages in there that are different from what you see in the movie, with notes from Sean and a couple of other people. I would say it’ll probably come out probably early next year.”