La La Land Records To Release Friday The 13th 1980 Stand-Alone Soundtrack

All of the Friday The 13th fans were in a huge flurry when La La Land Records announced that they would be releasing a soundtrack box set for the first six Friday The 13th films this past January. There had never been an official release of the music for The Final Chapter, A New Beginning, or Jason Lives, and the only way to own the music for the first three films was to purchase the vinyl album released in 1982 at a hefty cost. The new box set retailed at $69.98, which was no small price either, but with never before released music and attractive packaging and booklet included, it was well worth the price.

The January 13, 2012 sale date was a huge success and the box set sold out quickly, leaving many fans discouraged they lost out on a chance to own the collection. Soon after, many sets began showing up on eBay with astronomical prices. Of course, many fans scoffed at spending outrageous prices and opted to pass on purchasing. Well, now those people who missed out on the box set have a wonderful chance to at least buy part of that set again.

La La Land Records is releasing the stand-alone soundtrack for Friday The 13th 1980 next Tuesday September 11th at 1PM EST! Read below for the information which was posted on the companies Facebook page a few hours ago.

From La La Land Records

Music by Harry Manfredini
LLLCD 1228
Retail Price: $15.98

Produced by Harry Manfredini, Neil S. Bulk and MV Gerhard
Mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland
Liner Notes by Brian Satterwhite
Art Direction by David C. Fein

Due to popular demand, Mr Manfredini's classic score to the 1980 horror film FRIDAY THE 13TH gets a stand alone release! If you already have the 6 cd box set we released earlier this year there really is no reason to buy this retail release. This release contains the same master as before as well as an abridged version of the liner notes and artwork from the box set release. However, if you missed out on the set or are a casual fan then I highly recommend picking up this wonderful score by one of horror's true Maestros!

The first 100 or so people who purchase this cd directly through the La La Land website ( will receive a signed copy at no extra charge. Quantities are limited and you are not guaranteed an autograph.

See y'all next week!