Filming Jason Takes Manhattan: Friday The 13th Part 8 (Day 1)

The first day shoot of Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan started off with some “recreational activities”. The Call Sheets for the film (pictured below) outline that Tamara and Eva’s cocaine snorting scene, affectionately called “nose candy”, is filmed on the first day as well as Julius and his boxing sparring match. There a few things of note on the call sheet.

The shooting location for these scenes are revealed to be Prince George, Versatile Pacific Shipyards. However, the biggest information to note is that there is a different actor listed to play character, Sean Robertson.

As noted before on our website (here's the only production photo of the replaced actor), Scott Reeves mentioned on the Jason Takes Manhattan Deluxe Edition DVD that he was not the original choice to play the character Sean Robertson. He stated that the first actor did not work out and he was called in to film the role. At the very bottom of the Call Sheet you will notice the actor that was replaced, named Lee Coleman. Lee did not act in another single film after his stint on the Friday The 13th set, but did go on to a successful career in another area, which will be talked about in the Crystal Lake Memories Documentary in 2013.

Enjoy the Call Sheet below and look for more filming spotlights from Jason Takes Manhattan in the future!