Behind The Scenes: The Original Sean Robertson In Part 8

When the Deluxe Edition DVD for Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan was released in 2009, the audio commentary by Scott Reeves revealed that he was not the first actor chosen for the role of Sean Robertson. Last year, this writer uncovered the name of that first actor and then this past June learned of the circumstances of why he was replaced.

Sean Robertson was originally to be played by an actor named Lee Coleman. He was on set for a total of one week and filmed one scene with actors Peter Mark Richman (Charles McCullough) and Rennie Wickham (Jensen Daggett). The scene he filmed took place on the cruise ship after the explosion caused by Wayne's death forces the ship to take on water. The character Charles McCullough confronts Rennie and Sean as they struggle to get away from the water rushing into the ship.

During a conversation with V.C.Dupree (Julius, Jason Takes Manhattan), it was revealed that performance as well as an injury to the original actor, Lee Coleman, forced Producers to replace the actor with Scott Reeves. For the exact details of the incident that cause the injury, please read the interesting story in our Conversation With V.C. Below is the only clear image ever put out into public of Lee during his one scene on set. (Image courtesy Crystal Lake Memories)

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