One's Customs' Jason Voorhees Friday The 13th Part 2 1/6 Scale Figure!

Well, it has been a long time since I have featured anything from One's Customs on this website, and it is not because we haven't been waiting to do so. The man behind the custom business has changed up his game since late last year and his work has not been as visible as in past years. Well, now One's Customs has something very special to offer fans of Friday The 13th Part 2.

Just recently put up for auction on eBay is a screen accurate 1/6 scale Jason Voorhees from Part 2. This figure blows away anything released previously, including the Sideshow figure released a few years back. The detailing on the head sculpt for Jason is second to none and the weathering on the clothes is realistic and accurate. More details are below.

From Auction
Hey there Jason fans, today I have something different for you my 1/6 Hillbilly Terror Custom figure. This is from Friday Part 2 before the infamous hocky mask. Jason is highly detailed and screen accurate from his clothing to the headsculpts. This is a piece I've been wanting to do for quite sometime so I had to take the details further then before. First I went with a balljointed head for more poseability and insted of a removable sack mask, I went with a alternate head so all details will remain perfect. I even added the sculpted red hair on Jasons neck. This figure is ultra realistic. The unmasked head has been sculpted with a open mouth to resemble the end scene when he crashes through the window. Ouch! lol This is a one of a kind sculpt uncasted so don't expect this to be available again. Jason's outfit is also accurate in detail and weathering. Accessories include alternate unmasked head, pitchfork, pick axe and machete as well as the background display from Jasons lair.

Please check out the images below and if interested in purchasing, place your bid at the eBay Auction!