Friday The 13th: The Musical!

You're probably thinking, whaaaat? Well, this is not a joke, but a very ambitious and fun project spearheaded by the fine folks at Connecticut College. It's a workshop presentation that this writer would love to see a full fledged production some day. The overall premise takes many elements from the original 1980 Friday The 13th film, but also introduces certain scenes from other movies in the franchise.

The beginning opens as Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6 does where they are trying to cremate Jason's remains, but he comes back to life, of course, and kills the two unfortunate people looking to destroy Jason. The majority of the opening act goes along much like the first film where the counselors arrive in town to resurrect a dying camp. There are original bit scenes added in to bring more levity to the source material, and that is great, because this musical is meant to entertain and also poke some fun at the series.

The overall musical runs close to an hour and thirteen minutes. If you like musicals and can have a sense of humor about characters and circumstances surrounding our beloved Friday The 13th film franchise, then this stage project is highly recommended. Again, this is not a full stage production and the characters are not in full dress, but fans will get the idea very early on. If you have the time, please check this out in its entirety and lets hope Directors Alex Marz and Grant Jacoby can get this musical into a full production in the near future!

Book, Music, & Lyrics by Andrew Marco
Directed by Alex Marz and Grant Jacoby
Choreographed by Grant Jacoby

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