Jason X Ranked As 16th Most Violent Film Ever!

Jason X is not normally given many accolades when it comes to recognizing the horror film as good or bad cinema. The film always draws the ire of the Friday The 13th fans and especially those people who favor the original Paramount films over what New Line Cinema and Warner Brothers have produced over the past twenty years. Jason in space may not be completely all the fault of the crew involved with the production, but in the end, the concept became flawed and many film-goers skipped the theatrical release.

So, it is a bit surprising that today Jason X is being recognized somewhat for it's level of violence onscreen. Total Film posted a new story today whereas they rank the 30 Most Violent Films in movie history and to see Jason X ranked at 16 is, well, shocking! Jason is in elite company here with the likes of Cannibal Holocaust and a pair of Saw and Hostel movies. It's hard to say, but we don't think Jason X is violent enough to be in the company of some of these other films. If you're going to throw a Friday The 13th movie into this list, why not choose either Jason Goes To Hell, or at best Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter?

There has been a lot of attention given to Jason X of late, coincidence for sure. Don't be misled, we think the film is a fun Jason romp, but 16th most violent movie ever? That's very debatable.