Behind The Scenes: Friday The 13th: A New Beginning Contact Sheets

Friday the 13th: A New Beginning is truly a guilty pleasure of the franchise for many fans. Throughout the last couple years, we have been researching everything that can be found about this often overlooked film. First, the main shooting location of the film was found, which led to a very cool interview with the owner of the location. That interview revealed a lot about the history of the ranch and also some interesting stories about the filming and the special effects.

Next, we wrote about the other Jason stuntman in Part 5, John Hock. Mr. Hock portrayed Jason in 3 shots of the film and that finally shed some light on the ongoing debate amongst fans about who played Jason in what scenes. The last piece that was discovered from the movie was the shooting location of the diner where Billy goes to pick up Lana. Now, we have discovered something even more revealing of the filming.

Below are three contact sheets from the movie that show images that have rarely been seen before to the general public. These sheets show numerous scenes while they were being filmed and include effects shots and setup shots. Of note is the scene with the greasers where the one is killed with the machete. That death was cut severely, where you never see the machete actually cutting the neck. Well, in the contact sheet, you can see this motion.

You can also see the hijinks of Matt (Richard Young) being prepped for his body being revealed to Pam while running through the woods. The images are small and may be hard to see, but I think everyone should be able to get the idea. Enjoy!