Friday The 13th Crossovers: The Powers Of Matthew Star

We have had a long line of Friday The 13th Crossover stories posted on our website of late, and normally the featured actors of our crossovers have starred in projects in the motion picture industry and the Horror genre. However, there are instances of specific crossovers not in motion pictures that must be mentioned due to the actors involved and such is the case with the television show The Powers of Matthew Star. The show starred two Friday the 13th film stars, Amy Steel (Ginny, Friday the 13th Part 2) and Peter Barton (Doug, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter).

Peter Barton played the title character, an alien, and Amy Steel played his girlfriend Pam Elliott.

About Matthew Star
Matthew Star was a prince on the planet Quadris, who was forced to flee to Earth when his planet’s government was overthrown by despots. On Earth, he took the form of an ordinary high-school student (albeit one with superpowers), and was accompanied by his guardian Walt, who became the school’s science teacher. The American government knew of Matthew and Walt’s origin, and used them to act as agents on occasion

The show aired on television September 17, 1982 through April 8, 1983, on NBC

Image Courtesy Amy Steel's Facebook

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