Jason Goes To Hell Writer Gets Denis Leary Green Light

Writer Dean Lorey had a crazy and torrid schedule when brought in to touch up and add to the existing Jason Goes To Hell script back in 1993 and his time with the production was an awakening to how Hollywood was to function as part of his career. During a conversation we had with him previously, he talked about his death scene and the extent of his involvement on set. Since then, Dean has gone on to create some very successful television shows such as the Damon Wayans' My Wife And Kids for ABC and Fox's Arrested Development. Now, Dean had another of his projects on its way to the FX network.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, FX has ordered a pilot for Bronx Warrants, for which Dean Lorey is the creator and Denis Leary will produce. The new show revolves around a group of errant warrant detectives in the Bronx who are tasked with arresting individuals with outstanding warrants. Since bonuses are paid for each "body" they bring in, the detectives are out to get rich rather than seek justice.

Congratulations to Dean on having his project picked up and lets hope it is as successful as his prior shows!

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