Franchise Comic Review: Jason vs Leatherface

Jason's journey into the comic book realm didn't take long after New Line Cinema bought the rights to Jason Voorhees from Paramount Pictures. The first original appearance of Jason happens in Issue #4 of Satan's Six , in 1993 and immediately follows the storyline of Jason Goes To Hell for which that movie received it's own complete comic adaptation. It wasn't until 1995 that the Jason character was involved in his first original comic story and who better to put him up against than Leatherface himself from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre films!

Jason vs. Leatherface was a 3 comic miniseries that took Jason from Crystal Lake and dumped him into the crazy Sawyer household.

Crystal Lake is drained to make way for an office tower and the contents of the lake are shipped away -- including Jason. He escapes, and winds up with the Sawyer family. Jason is introduced into the family's cannibalistic way of life and is confused by their methods. The family treats Leatherface poorly and that reminds Jason of his abusive father and he dreams of his drowning. The fight between the iconic characters doesn't really happen until Issue 3.

The comic miniseries is a fun read, but definitely caters more towards Texas Chainsaw Massacre fans. References to both film franchises are not meant to be taken as part of the established story lines as Mrs. Voorhees is referred to as Doris. The fight between the duo doesn't last too long in Issue #3, but it's a fun series to read as a crossover and the illustrations are pretty good. Worth checking out!

Three issue miniseries published in 1995 by Topps Comics 
Plot by Nancy Collins and David Imhoff 
Written by Nancy Collins
Pencilled by Jeff Butler
Lettered by Brad K. Joyce 
Inked by Steve Montano
Colored by Renee Witterstaetter
Covers by Simon Bisley

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  1. I was so excited to get these issues back then. Having Jason in anything at the time was far and few between, so to get him into a comic series was gold! Still own the comics. Great memories!


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