Creepy Tees To Release 'The Final Chapter' Shirt On Friday The 13th!

Horror film themed shirts and sweatshirts have become a huge market within the past ten years and many fans salivate at the opportunity to get their hands on original artwork representing their favorite films. The more unique the artwork and design, the greater the demand for a shirt. Such will be the case for Creepy Tees new shirt being released this Friday July 13th! We have the first look at the shirt of Jason Voorhees, representing Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter, that will be put up for pre-sale on that date.

Those familiar with artist Nathan Milliner will recognize his excellent work recreating Jason Voorhees from the highly touted and adored film from the movie franchise. Sla Muerta also collaborated on the final design of the shirt adding spectacular blood effects to make Jason look truly terrifying. Preview the shirt design below which will be available to pre-order at the Creepy Tees website,, on July 13th. Let us know how much you like the design!

Special Announcement
We also have a special announcement for this shirt release! Friday The 13th: The Film Franchise will be giving away a few of these beautiful shirts this upcoming Friday the 13th through various outlets, utilizing Creepy Tees' website, our Social Media websites and during our upcoming Community Screening and Chat. Stay tuned to our website for all of the contests details to learn how you can win one of these awesome Jason Voorhees T-shirts!

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  1. I cant wait to add this to my collection!


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