Q and A Session With Jason Goes To Hell Writer Dean Lorey

While I am finishing up some of my official Interviews for the website, I thought I would add this interesting Q and A into the Interview section. A few months back, Jason Goes To Hell scripter Dean Lorey was answering questions on Formspring and I decided to jump in and ask a few questions I was curious about. This is by no means an official Interview, but I think it is worthy of being placed in the Interview section!

1. If you’re a comedy guy, how did you end up working on Jason?

I wrote a movie called Johnny Zombie (later made as the film My Boyfriend’s Back) which was produced by Sean Cunningham, who also produced JGTH. I was working on staff for him at the time and when the script needed a big rewrite, he assigned it to me over a weekend. Crazy fun, actually.

2. I am a huge fan of Jason Goes To Hell and your role as the coroner assistant. What were your major contributions to the Jason Goes To Hell script? How did you prepare for an acting gig on a studio film?

I did a big rewrite of JGTH mostly over a weekend. The plot was already set in stone (body-jumping) but I fleshed out a lot of stuff and added the character of Creighton Duke. As for acting in it, I was a nervous wreck and couldn’t remember my dialogue but, since I was also the writer, I just made new stuff up on the day…

3. For Jason Goes To Hell, what was it like in the makeup chair preparing for your death? How long did it take and were nervous of the appliance of the makeup?

The makeup took about an hour and I wasn’t nervous about the appliance of the makeup, but getting a cast made of my head so they could make the appliance was a little nervewracking. The KNB guys encased my entire head in some cold goop that hardened and stuck straws in my nose so I could breathe.

4. Since Kane Hodder was stunt coordinator on JGTH, did he work with you on your death scene? How were you picked up to be slammed on the metal table?

I wasn’t actually picked up. I stood on an apple box and was shoved down (and, to this day, it bothers me that I didn’t put my hands out in front of me, which is the most natural reaction in the world) and then they cut to a shot from underneath the grate where I just pulled backwards while wearing the appliance.

5. If you had the chance, would you act in any other cameo roles in tv shows or films you have written?

I love doing little acting roles! And I actually have a cameo in the next episode of Running Wilde — when Steve is talking to the Romance Novelist… I’m him. We’re talking spin-off. :)

6. Since you were part of the creative process on JGTH, did you help with storyboarding scenes or help Adam Marcus on set with trying to figure out how to shoot something from your script?

Didn’t do any storyboarding and mostly went to set for the free food. Adam and I were roommates at the time, so we saw plenty of each other on and off set. And I had more questions than answers, like “why is that guy strapped to that table completely naked?” Adam’s answer: “Because it’s creepy.”

7. If you had a crack at Jason again, what would you write for his next adventure?

Instead of JGTH, I wanted to do Jason Takes LA. This was fifteen years ago, when the Bloods and Crips were a big deal. I wanted to drop him into the middle of a gang war and have him kill EVERYONE, forcing the gangs to team up to fight him. But Sean went with the body-jumping instead.

8. What do you think of Adam working on the new Texas Chainsaw film? It is cool that he will have a chance to bring two iconic horror figures to the big screen!

Didn’t know Adam was working on the new Texas Chainsaw but I’m sure he’ll do an awesome job!


  1. i wouldnt mind seeing a jason takes la as soon as he doesnt teleport like he does in jason takes manhatan.i would normally be against that thuogh.

  2. Todd Farmer has said in the past that he would like to see a remake of Jason Takes Manhattam, so why not send Jason to L.A.? :)


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