Jason Takes Manhattan Behind The Scenes Ship Drawing

The logistics of Jason having the ability to sail the houseboat from Crystal Lake to the port where the S.S. Lazarus is docked is still debated to this day and brings up a lot of interesting and funny discussions on how little ol' Crystal Lake has an outlet to a salt water ocean. Well, those details were left to the wayside by the Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan crew as a movie had to be made and thus we get the majority of the film on the S.S. Lazarus. For the film, two ships were used and now we got our hands on one of the ship designs from the production.

Below is an early drawing of the ship which was used to transport the last graduating class of Crystal Lake High to the Big Apple. Notice the school referenced at the bottom. That is the abandoned grade school that was used as the base of operations for the production while in Vancouver. You will also notice the working title "Ashes To Ashes" for the film. Thanks to Dan Farrands for sending in the image!