Jason's Past Meets Jason's Present In Hatchet 3

Now this is what Friday The 13th fans should be salivating over. Reported a tad earlier today on Variety.com (restricted by a pay wall, argg!) and later mentioned by Fangoria.com, Derek Mears (Jason Voorhees, Friday The 13th 2009) has been cast to hunt and track former Jason Voorhees, Kane Hodder in Ariescope's new sequel Hatchet 3! Read on for the skinny and look for some bloody shenanigans when Derek takes on Victor Crowley soon!

From Fangoria
Variety reports that Derek Mears, who assumed the hockey mask for the FRIDAY THE 13TH remake, will take on Kane Hodder’s Victor Crowley in MPI/Dark Sky Films and ArieScope Pictures’ new sequel. Mears plays SWAT team leader Tyler Hawes, who is sent into Honey Island Swamp to contain Crowley’s carnage. The story once again focuses on survivor Marybeth (Danielle Harris), who tries to stop the voodoo curse behind Crowley’s rampage which a search-and-recovery team heads into the bayou to pick up the many pieces left from the previous two movies

Source: Fangoria.com