Recap: Friday The 13th Creator Headlines Monster Man On SyFy

We reported a few weeks ago that Friday The 13th film franchise creator and Director Sean Cunningham was going to be making an appearance on SyFy Channel's new reality movie effects show Monster Man. The show would follow the exploits of SOTA FX and monster creator Cleve Hall as he helps create movie monster magic for low budget Horror films. Last night the show aired and below is a recap of what the show was about.

Over half of the of the one hour show was devoted to Sean Cunningham and his new movie The Alone (which has no IMDB page or other official page at this time). From what we can gather, the film is about female conjoined twins that eventually "part ways" during a fight between the pair, which is where SOTAFX comes in. The effects group travels to Cunningham's house where they meet up with him and son Noel, who also helped his father in the production of Jason Goes To Hell and Jason X. The meeting at the Cunningham house went over the concept of creating an effect that would allow for the twins in the new film to split in half. Concept drawings were shared and ideas hammered out.

Below are images from the beginning of the show which show the aforementioned meeting. There was drama, of course, in completing the prosthetic appliance/effect on time and delivering it to the set for the actresses to wear. However, Sean Cunningham was able to get his twin ripping apart scene filmed in glorious bloody fashion. We were unable to get screen grabs of the ending of the show with the filming of The Alone, but it was typical fare for onset filming shenanigans.

Although it's good to see Sean working in Horror still, it would be nice to see a new Friday The 13th in production as well! You can see more Monster Man on Syfy Channel Next Thursday 10/9 Central.


  1. I watched this last night. To be honest, I thought it was sad that Sean was making this really cheesy looking movie. I now he comes from indie roots, but dude, get on with our next Friday movie. 

  2. The show (Monster Man) is pretty horrible and the work done by Sota is low quality by any standard. And what we saw of "The Alone" was... sad.

  3. I think everyone who disses Monster Man or Sota should take a step back. They are making Deacent, passable props in short amounts of times. So unless yall are some big shot prop makers who could do so much better, I don't think your opinion really matters

  4. There is no THE ALONE... you can tell it's a fake movie that they just made up for the requirements of the tv show...  I hate fake "reality" shows

  5. is this a real movie


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