Jason X Returns To Theaters This Friday The 13th!

Oh the hate and vitriol that is spewed towards the film that took Jason to Space. As a stand alone film, it still holds up as a 93 minute romp that features some decent action and classic Jason Voorhees moments. However, most fans will always judge the film against other entries in the franchise and for the most part it really doesn't hold a true connection to the films that cam before or after it. There are a number of reasons why Jason X did not please the majority of Friday The 13th fans, which we wrote about a few weeks ago (The Perfect Storm Failure of Jason X). The interesting fact about the film is that a lot of movie goers that live in European markets actually like the film a lot. It almost seems like a culture clash when fans express their opinion of Jason on a spaceship.

For those people that are true fans of Jason X and want another chance to see the burgeoning cult film on the big screen once again, we have good news for you. The Cinefamily theater in Los Angelas, California will be showing Jason X as part of its Friday Night Frights feature on April 13, 2012. That's right, why spend another Friday The 13th watching the franchise on DVD or Blu-Ray when you can make a trip the cinema and see Jason on the big screen once again.

For more information, make sure to visit the Cinefamily website and get your tickets for a fun evening of Space adventures with Jason Voorhees!

Source: Cinefamily