Behind The Scenes: Abel And The Gang In Friday The 13th Part 3

Abel has become a cult character in the Friday the 13th universe. Once thought of as only a Crazy Ralph clone, now Abel is looked at as much more of a link back to the more beloved opening era of the film franchise. There was so much more intended to be seen of the Prophet of Doom in Friday The 13th Part 3 and we documented his lost encounter with Chris and Rick as well as a few other scenes along the way, that we now know he played a much bigger role in the film.

One of the items fans have been asking to see are of Abel on set, behind the scenes, and up until now there have not been too many. Below is an image on the set of Friday The 13th Part 3 with Abel (David Wiley) and the gang hanging out, courtesy Crystal Lake Memories. What a joyous bunch!