Behind The Scenes: Ginny Discovers Crazy Ralph In Part 2

Amy Steel has been surprising her loyal fans with a treasure of never before seen items from her experience on Friday The 13th Part 2. She recently has begun posting some great behind the scenes images from her location shooting on her Facebook page and previously we have seen images of Amy next to the Counselor Training Center Sign from the film as well as a never be fore seen pic of Steve Dash (Jason Voorhees) with the machete appliance in his shoulder. It seems as though fans are going to be in for a lot more exciting images as the one she released just a few hours ago is the best so far.

The image below is of Amy and Crazy Ralph actor Walt Gorney either before or after filming the scene towards the end of the film where Ginny discovers Ralph's body in the pantry while being chased by Jason Voorhees. This is the first time this writer has seen Walt in a clear picture with this make-up for the scene and it is a real treat. Enjoy the photo and we all look forward to more posts from Amy on her Facebook page!