Behind The Scenes: Jason Goes To Hell Demon

Jason Goes To Hell has always drawn the ire of many fans of the Friday The 13th film franchise. The film itself is looked upon as a bastard creation, one of which has no place in the series and even as a stand alone film is still spit on and reviled. This writer feels differently and thinks that Jason, on his way to Hell, is involved in one of the most creative films in the franchise and does not get the credit it deserves.

With that being said, the oft talked about Hell Demon, which was cut from the end sequence of the film, was very creative and better conceived than the "Hell Baby" that was eventually used on screen. There have been a few behind the scenes photos of the full Hell Demon displayed before, but the photo posted below gives a better idea of what the demon looked like from the side and is one of the few photos that has appeared in public that show the head, back, shoulders and arm all in one frame. K.N.B. Effects did a masterful job of creating this creature. It's too bad we did not get to see it in the final film!

To see another angle of the demon and to see an actual bust created from the film, check out our story about Eric Scherer's project "Hell Awaits".

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