Film Locations: Friday The 13th Part 3 Market Encounter

One of the few times we see any of the young group of kids outside of Higgin's Haven is when Shelly and Vera leave to go to the Market during Friday The 13th Part 3. In this scene, the pair encounter the "biker gang" which includes Loco, Fox and Ali. Shelly foolishly runs over the motorcycles in the parking lot and hilarity ensues, sort of.

While many fans search for filming locations to visit and relive their favorite scenes, there are those very elusive and hard to find locations that haunt people for many years. Back in 2009, the actual market that was used for the biker encounter was discovered and below is the address and photo taken from 2007. The structure itself has not changed, but it looks as though the building has gone through a few paint jobs.

Notice the name of the restaurant attached to the market in the film was Green Valley's Waterhole. Now, the establishment is known only as Green Valley Cafe!

15488 Spunky Canyon Rd
Santa Clarita, CA 91390

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