Behind The Scenes: The Hitchhikers's Death In 'The Final Chapter'

Quite possibly one of the funniest scenes in Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter is that of poor hitchhiker being turned down for a ride by our group of hiherto, carefree teens on their way to the vacation house by the Jarvis family. Ted and his computer decide that the hitcher is not worthy but wonders if she has a sister.... Ruff Ruff.

The tiny death scene for the hitchhiker (Bonnie Hellman) seems like a quick set up for the crew and Tom Savini, but it took a bit of ingenuity on their part to create the realistic looking effect of Jason stabbing a knife through the unsuspecting victim's throat. The effect is quite genius as Savini created a rubber appliance that would wrap around the right side of the neck of Bonnie and then prosthetics are applied over the rubber appliance to show a realistic neck with a knife blade sticking out. The knife handle was also attached to appliance which all made for a very real event.

Below are some photos that were released on the documentary His Name Was Jason. where you can see crew preparing the scene and how the knife rig was used.

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