“Jason Goes To Hell” Hell Demon Bust

This is a truly unique project that no one has ever attempted before. Near the end of Jason Goes To Hell, the hell baby is unleashed and searches frantically for a relative to enter into so Jason can be reborn. Time constraints and uncertainity by the filmmmakers caused the full size Demon to be scrapped in favor of the hell baby that is now seen in the film.

Check out the production pictures of the orginal Hell Demon immediately below.

Artist Eric Scherer decided to create his own version of the Jason Goes To Hell Demon that was left on the cutting room floor. The bust, titled “Hell Awaits”, was created within a couple weeks and accurately depicts the demon that was created by K.N.B Effects. Notice the demon has the exact damage and markings that Jason himself has in the film, which included the axe mark in the head and the missing eye.

Eric made one bust for sale originally, then made another for a customer that we believe never followed through with the transaction. Take a look at all of the images below and see if you like the original Hell Demon and Eric's work depicting the work.


  1. Wow. I am a big fan of K.N.B. and this hell demon should have been kept in the film. I love the work that this guy did here on the bust. I never realized that the demon had all of the markings that Jason had. What an awesome idea to have the demon have all of Jason's traits.

    How much did he charge for this?

  2. Not to nitpick - this is an AWESOME piece - but the eyeball is on the wrong side.

  3. Actually, the artist got it right. In the film, Jason's eyeball IS on the left side of his head. That would translate to the hell demon as well. It might be confusing as the production image at the top of the story is an image that is transposed, meaning it is experiencing the mirror effect.


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