Friday the 13th Alumn Convention Updates

Updates have been coming pretty fast for the ultimate Friday the 13th reunion event Return To Camp Crystal Lake. Actors are being added to the convention almost every day, which is exciting. In that excitement, we have missed out on other notable conventions with Friday the 13th stars.

There are certain alumn that make themselves readily available every year to meet the fans in several locations. However, there are those actors that only appear every so often, so it is important to know to where they may be attending in the near future.

A few notable Friday the 13th stars that are listed below are Judie Aronson, Tom Fridley and Dick Wieand. Also, it is very rare to meet up with a writer from the film franchise, so having the opportunity to talk with Todd Farmer (Jason X) will be a treat for those in Dallas, Texas!

Chiller Theatre
Parsipanny, NJ
April 29th- May 1st, 2011

1. Tom Fridley
2. Judie Aronson

Weekend of Horrors
Los Angeles, CA
May 14th- 15th, 2011

1. Tom Savini

Dallas Comic Con
Dallas, TX
May 21st- 22nd, 2011

1. Todd Farmer

Bloody Weekend
Franche-Comte, France
July 8th- 10th, 2011

1. Ari Lehman

Fright Night Film Fest
Louisville, KY
July 22nd- 24th, 2011

1. Dick Weiand