Behind The Scenes: Escaping Jason's Mouth In 'Jason Takes Manhattan'

One of the most bizarre scenes and plot points to come out of the material discovered in the 2009 Deluxe DVD releases was that of the original scene of Jason Voorhees being hit with toxic waste at the end of Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan. Whereas the theatrical version of the film has Jason yelling "mommy" and then being throttled by a river of waste, only to be found as a young boy again, the original idea of the scene was to have a child Jason trying to escape from the rotting mouth of the adult Jason.

The head of the adult Jason was a large mechanical effect that would have young Jason (Tim Mirkovich) trying to escape amidst a flood of water, almost like the pure essence of Jason trying to escape the evil that he had become. The scene and effect were scrapped due to the props ineffectiveness and time constraints. Thankfully, the scene never made it into the film as it would have angered fans even more. At least viewers would have had a better understanding why a young Jason was just laying on the sewer floor after the toxic waste rushed through.

Check out the images below of the mechanical head and see how an enlarged Jason head comes to life!