'The Obsession' Replica Hocks Are Now Available

With anticipation of the new Friday The 13th web series Friday The 13th: The Obsession at an all time high, fans have been wondering if they can get their hands on the hockey masks that were used in the series. Although the actual masks used during filming will not be up for grabs, fans will now have an excellent alternative.

DecayNY Entertainment, the company hired to create the masks for the web series, has just let us know that they will now be offering up replicas of the hockey masks used for the series. There are some truly awesome hocks used for the filming of The Obsession, so if you like what you have seen in photos to this point, then pay attention to the following information provided to us by Gene Mazza of DecayNY Entertainment:

To celebrate & promote Timberwolf's upcoming Friday the 13th: Obsession web series, DecayNY Entertainment is offering replicas of the hockey masks created for the film. There are four different masks in total, the "hero" worn by the series' female protagonist, which combines aspects of the Parts 3 and 5 mask, as well as the three worn by Jason throughout. 

One is based on Part 4, but with the same size & shape of the Part 7 mask - - something that many people aren't aware of, when the mask was initially created for Part 3, it was basically a Part 7 mask with no damage, but they enlarged it to accommodate the make-up. There are pics of it floating around out there somewhere. So this particular mask was not just a nod to Parts 4 & 7, but also serves to drop that little known fact on to the fanbase. 

The second mask Jason wears has a distinct 7 & JGTH look, with some extra crust, mud & blood on it. And the third, I can't reveal it until the series is out, but it's something that we easily could have seen him with had the producers decided to go an alternate route on one of the later sequels. It's a variation on a VERY popular original mask that DecayNY had originated & produced, and that's all I can say about that one for now. 

Each fiberglass cast, 100% hand painted mask will sell for the same low price as all the rest, only $50 plus shipping, or, for anyone interested in all four, they can get the entire Obsession set for the special price of $150, with free shipping! Please contact decaynyentertainment@gmail.com to order or for more information!

If you know anything about replica hockey masks and prices they sell for by individual artists, then $50 is a great price! If interested, please make sure to send an email to decaynyentertainment@gmail.com today!