Jason X: Future According To Film

According to the film Jason X, our future on Earth looks to be a bit bleak. So when the going got tough, humans vacated these Earthly premises for a new planet, Earth 2. We view this all as science fiction right now, but what if our films foretold our future. Such was the thought of London based designer Michael Hobson.

You know a film has had some sort of impact in pop culture and society when it is used to predict our future and such is the case with Jason X. Below is a snippet of a Infographic created by Michael that shows a possible future for people according to the events depicted on film of certain Science-Fiction films. Look closely and you will see our Jason X and Earth 2 future is nestled in-between the events of Aeon Flux and The Fountain. Which of these three futures could be worse?

The Infographic is a really cool idea and perhaps one day a fan could create such a thing based on the Friday the 13th franchise?! To see the entire chart, click on the image below!