Mezco's New Jason Voorhees Figs

It has been some time since Mezco released their last Jason Voorhees figures and a lot of collector's attention has been shifted to NECA, hoping that company will produce a brand new figure of Jason in a version that has not been released before. While we wait for that to happen, Mezco has released some new Jason products to whet the appetites of the consumers.

A few days ago, members of our Forum brought to our attention a brand new 10 inch Roto Jason Voorhees from Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter. This was a bit confusing at first because one, we thought Mezco no longer had the license to produce Jason Voorhees or Friday The 13th products and two, this new figure at first glance looked very similar to a previous Roto Jason release. With all that being said, this new figure sort of came out of nowhere and is a great addition to fans collections.

Below is an image of the figure, which is for sale now at Toys R Us and other online retailers.

The second item that Mezco released for Jason Voorhees is a cute little 4.25 inch plush clip-on figure that will look adorable attached to any carry-on or belt loop on your pants.The retail price is around $6 and makes a nifty little gift for horror fans.Check out the online listing for more details!